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art deco wallpaper

For those looking to give their home a dash of glitz and refinement, art deco wallpaper is a popular choice. Bold geometric designs, vivid colours, and metallic finishes define this type of wallpaper. The usage of Art Deco wallpaper can provide a range of looks, from traditional and beautiful to contemporary and edgy.

Art Deco Wallpaper’s History

Early in the 20th century, during the Art Deco movement, is when Art Deco wallpaper first appeared. This movement, which embraced the application of novel materials and technology, was motivated by the Industrial Revolution. Geometric wallpaper designs like chevrons, diamonds, and zigzags were popular in the Art Deco era. It was frequently embellished with stylized versions of various motifs, including flowers and animals.

Frequently Used Art Deco Wallpaper Designs

The following are a few of the most well-liked Art Deco wallpaper designs:

Geometric patterns: These patterns, which come in a range of hues and sizes, are a staple of the Art Deco style.
Floral designs: These patterns, which are frequently stylized and geometric, can be employed to produce a chic and sophisticated appearance.
Animal patterns: These designs are frequently utilised to produce an exotic or humorous appearance.
Abstract designs: These designs can be employed to produce a contemporary and edgy aesthetic. They are frequently strong and geometric.

How to Pick Art Deco Wallcoverings

There are a few considerations while selecting Art Deco wallpaper:

The room’s size: A wallpaper with a smaller pattern is preferable if your room is small. The room will appear larger as a result of this.
The room’s design: You should pick wallpaper with a more conventional pattern if your room is traditional or classic. You might select a more contemporary or abstract pattern if your room is modern or contemporary.
The colours in the room: You should pick wallpaper that goes well with the colours there. Choose a wallpaper with stronger colours if the space is predominantly neutral in colour. If the area is decorated with a lot of vibrant hues, you can use for a wall covering with more subdued hues.
Where to Purchase Art Deco Wallcoverings

There are several places to buy art deco wallpaper, including wallpaper shops, home improvement stores, and online vendors. It’s crucial to get Art Deco wallpaper from a reliable merchant who provides a warranty.

How to Take Care of and Clean Art Deco Wallpaper

Art Deco wallpaper requires little maintenance. With a moist towel, you can clean the majority of Art Deco wallpapers. Before washing the wallpaper, it’s crucial to read the care directions.

Ideas for Art Deco Wallpaper

You may use art deco wallpaper to give your home a variety of appearances. Here are some suggestions:To make a striking entry, cover a corridor with Art Deco wallpaper.

In order to add a dash of glitz and refinement, use Art Deco wallpaper in the living room.
To create a chic and opulent bedroom, choose Art Deco wallpaper.
To add some glitz and modernism to a bathroom, use Art Deco wallpaper.


Wallpaper in the Art Deco style is elegant and adaptable for any decor. Any space may benefit from the glitz and refinement that Art Deco wallpaper brings with its strong designs, vivid colours, and metallic finishes.

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