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chinoiserie wallpaper

Chinese-inspired wall art

A type of wallpaper called Chinoiserie is influenced by Chinese art and style. Pagodas, dragons, and bamboo are among the stylised Chinese elements that are frequently present. Paper, silk, and vinyl are just a few of the materials that can be used to make chinoiserie wallpaper.

Chinoiserie wallpaper’s history

A European art and design movement known as “chinoiserie” was influenced by Chinese art and culture. During the first half of the Qing dynasty in the 17th century, chinoiserie wallpaper initially gained popularity in Europe. Chinoiserie wallpaper was regarded as a means to introduce a taste of the exotic East into European houses at this period because of the growing interest in Chinese culture in Europe.

What Makes Chinoiserie Wallpaper Special

Chinoiserie wall art is often distinguished by by the Chinese elements that are stylised. These themes can be seen on the pattern, border, or overall layout of the wallpaper. On chinoiserie wallpaper, common Chinese motifs include:

Pagodas: These huge, multi-tiered towers are known as pagodas and are quite frequent in China. They are frequently viewed as a representation of Chinese tradition and faith.

Dragons: In Chinese culture, dragons are a potent symbol. They are frequently regarded as a representation of luck and wealth.

Bamboo: In China, bamboo is a typical plant. It frequently serves as a representation of toughness and adaptability.

Flowers: In Chinese art and design, flowers are a common motif. They are frequently viewed as an emblem of splendour and wealth.

Chinoiserie wallpaper varieties

There are numerous varieties of chinoiserie.wallpaper. The most typical varieties include:

Traditional Chinese elements, including pagodas, dragons, and bamboo, are featured on this kind of wallpaper. A mellow colour scheme, such as browns, greens, and blues, is frequently used.
Modern chinoiserie: This kind of wallpaper uses Chinese elements in a more modern way. It might make use of stronger hues and patterns and draw inspiration from the West.
Decorative chinoiserie: This kind of wallpaper is more concerned with producing a decorative impression than it is with preserving traditional Chinese designs. It could have abstract motifs, floral patterns, or geometric patterns.
Where to Purchase Chinesische Wall Art

There are several places to buy chinoiserie wallpaper, including specialty wallpaper shops, home improvement stores and online vendors. when purchasing Chinese artwallpaper, it’s critical to get from a reliable merchant who provides a warranty.

Taking Good Care of Chinoiserie Wall Art

Chinoiserie wallpaper requires need minimal maintenance. You can clean the majority of chinoiserie wallpaper using a wet cloth. Before washing the wallpaper, it’s crucial to read the care directions.


Chinoiserie wallpaper is a lovely and classy way to give your home a hint of Asian style. You can select the ideal one to suit your needs because it comes in a number of designs and hues. There is certain to be a chinoiserie wallpaper that is ideal for you, whether you are searching for a traditional version or a more contemporary one.

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