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Choosing the Right PLC HMI Software

Industrial automation has already created a prominent footprint in the present scenario. Automation is a technological integration through different components and processes. One of the crucial components is the HMI which is the Human-machine interface.

Machines need instructions to work. Most of this instruction is being given by humans. The interface through which Humans interact with the machines is known as HMI panel solutions. Mostly they are being used in industrial automation integration environments.

Choosing the right PLC HMI control panels is an important task to handle. Most of the industrial automation systems include multiple HMI interfaces. So, picking up the right one is a very important decision to task.

Application of HMI control panels

Here are some of the applications for which HMI panels are normally used for. Have a quick look:

  • Controlling input and output through a computer system
  • Tracking the time of production
  • Monitoring system performance rate
  • Activating the automation through various other automated control units.

Based on the industrial process, there can be customized HMI. So, HMI control panels can be of a variety of types.

Below mentioned are the factors that can help you choose the right HMI from the right manufacturer.


Normally HMI applications are based on their functions.

It can be a Push button, data handler, and overseer. Check out which is more suitable for your industrial operations and convenience and pick the right one.

Controlsoft Canada offers industrial automation integration with expert assistance. You can consult with the team to gain a detailed insight into the functionalities.

Software requirements

HMI software plays a crucial role in its functionality. Selecting the suitable software for ultimate performance needs detailed research. The user of the HMI must go through the actual implementation of the HMI and based on that requirement software must be chosen.

Make sure you always select open software as it has many features.

Interaction of HMI with other units

HMI is basically for building communication between different units of the automation process. You must choose how to connect between these units and operate the functionalities in smooth ways.

Mostly ethernet connection protocol is used, but there are other options like Profinet, Serial, and Profibus communication protocol too.


Mounting the HMI device has different types too. It is also important for quick and easy operation. Mounting types can depend on budget, space and the application applicability too.

Consult with the expert team to choose the type of mounting based on the industrial factors.

Besides these top 3 things, you need to consider these things too:

  • Display monitor size and screen type
  • Resolution and scaling
  • Memory needs


Choosing PLC HMI control panels has varied things to consider. If you need any help for picking up the right one, feel free to consult with the ControlSoft Canada team. Our team have experience as well knowledgeable too. We can help you at every step, picking the most suitable HMI for your industry.