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Tech News on Codeslide

Developers may get tech news and lessons on the website Codeslide. Vilas Borikar and Abhishek Chauhan launched the website in 2019. Pune, India serves as the home base for Codeslide.

new tech news

Here are a few recent items from Codeslide’s tech news section:

New AI Language Model Announced by Google LaMDA is the name of the new AI language model that Google has announced. LaMDA is a Google AI factual language model that was developed using a sizable text and code training dataset. LaMDA can generate text, translate languages, write various types of creative content, and provide you with enlightening responses to your inquiries.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a brand-new machine learning solution called Amazon SageMaker Clarify. Clarify on Amazon SageMaker aids in the understanding of the bias in machine learning models by developers. Both the model’s predictions and the data used to train it are explained by Clarify.

New Visual Studio Code Extension from Microsoft: Live Share is a new Visual Studio Code extension from Microsoft. Live Share enables developers to work together in real time on code. Developers can exchange code with one another and view one other’s changes in real time.

Tech Instructions

For developers, Codeslide also provides a selection of technical tutorials. The lessons cover a wide range of topics, including tools, frameworks, and programming languages. The tutorials are written in a straightforward and succinct manner, and code samples are provided.

Community of Codeslides

Additionally, there is a strong developer community. The community is a fantastic way to exchange ideas, obtain assistance, and ask questions. The neighbourhood is a terrific area to discover fresh tech resources.


Tech news and lessons may be found in abundance on Codeslide. The website is cleanly laid up, and the material is excellent. It’s a fantastic location to meet other devs because of how active the community is.

Future Plans for Codeslide

Codeslide intends to keep expanding its selection of tech news and tutorials. The business also intends to open a new forum for developers to address technological issues. Additionally, Codeslide wants to bring its community to additional nations.