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Highrich Shop Online

An Indian internet store called Highrich internet Shop offers a wide range of goods, including food items, kitchenware, clothing, electronics, and more. The business was established in 2019 and has its corporate office in Kerala’s Thrissur.

Highrich Online Shop’s past

In 2019, Kolatt Dasan Prathapan and Kattukaren Sreedharan Sreena launched Highrich Online Shop. The two founders had the idea to establish a one-stop shop for all of the requirements of their clients. With a small team and a constrained selection of products when they first started the business, they soon expanded to become one of India’s top online merchants.

Services and Goods

A variety of products are available at Highrich Online Shop, including:

Food: Highrich Online Shop offers a huge selection of food,consisting of packaged goods, fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products.

Furniture, appliances, cutlery, and cookware are just a few of the home and kitchen products that are available from Highrich Online Shop.

Fashion: The Highrich Online Shop offers a wide range of fashion-related goods, such as apparel, accessories, jewellery, and footwear.

Electronics: Highrich Online Shop offers a large range of electronics products for purchase, such as TVs, tablets, laptops, and smartphones.

Other: In addition to selling a wide range of other goods, Highrich Online Shop also offers books, toys, and supplies for home remodelling.

Payment and Shipping

Over 200 nations and territories are served by Highrich Online Shop. The price of shipping varies based on where it is going. Payment options include PayPal, debit or credit cards.

Consumer Assistance

The reputation of Highrich Online Shop’s customer support is positive. The business offers both an online chat facility and a phone for 24 hour customer service.


The website for the Highrich Online Shop is simple to use and navigate. The prices are prominently stated, and the products are neatly arranged. A blog, a forum, and a customer care section are also available on the website.


If you’re seeking for a large selection of goods at affordable costs, check out Highrich Online Shop. The business has a user-friendly website and a solid track record of providing excellent customer service. Check out Highrich Online Shop if you’re looking for an online store that will satisfy all of your needs.

Additional information about Highrich Online Shop is provided below:

More than a million users have registered with the company.
Rich Online High Over 200 nations and territories are served by the store.
The business promises complete customer satisfaction.
Highrich Online Shop is an ISO 9001:2015-certified business.

Online store franchise Highrich

A franchising opportunity is also provided by Highrich Online Shop. You can get more information by getting in touch with the business if you’re interested in opening your own Highrich Online Shop franchise.

upcoming plans

Highrich Online Shop intends to broaden its product offering and penetrate new markets. Additionally, the business intends to roll out additional internet capabilities like a live streaming function and a virtual reality buying experience.