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how to check uba account number

Using Your Phone to Check Your UBA Account Number

This article explains how to check your UBA account number on your phone by following the straightforward instructions provided below. I think the reason you found this article on Naijaknowhow is because you are in a circumstance where you have to give someone your UBA 10-digit account number but you are unable to recall it.

Do not worry; we have you covered. We recognise that in these situations you require a swift and precise resolution because you don’t want to provide the incorrect UBA ‘NUBAN’ account number.

This article’s goal is to highlight how crucial it is to verify a bank account number is accurate before sending money there. Using UBA You can do a lot with USSD banking; it’s not only limited to checking your account number. The UBA USSD code can be quite useful for a variety of different mobile banking requirements, some of which I’ve already mentioned in the articles below;

Check the balance of your UBA account on your phone.

Use the code to add airtime to your mobile device, then…

Easily transfer money with your smartphone without going to a bank.

Let’s get directly to the point of this post now. To check your UBA account number on your smartphone, follow these steps. The code you’re about to see below is all you need to extract your 10-digit account number, whether you have an active internet connection or not. Let’s start now…

Step 1: Examine your UBA using a USSD code, the account number

Call *919# and follow the simple instructions. Your mobile phone will receive a message with your account number.

Step 2: Use the LEO portal to check your UBA account number.

UBA incorporates AI into all aspects of its daily operations. They carried out this utilising the Facebook and WhatsApp chatbot LEO.

To find your UBA account number via this approach, go to their website and select the Leo platform, or you can click one of the links below. If you are signed up for Leo Facebook or Leo WhatsApp, you can find your account number by texting ACCOUNT NUMBER to those services.

Step 3: Use the UBA mobile banking app to check your UBA account number.

When using the UBA Mobile App You can check your account number on your phone by doing the following:

Activate the UBA Mobile App.

Click the “Menu” button.

Press “Account Summary” once.

The “Account Details” section will provide your account number.

Step 4: Use the Internet Banking system to check your UBA account number.

The entrance page of the Internet Banking platform hosts the account number.

Step 5: Use social media to check your UBA account number.

You must have the following information before moving on to the knowledge below: if not, this instruction manual is just not for you.

Mobile device (connected to your account)

entire name

BVN (to locate your BVN, go here)

born on [date]

email address

acquire or be aware of your UBA account number;

the steps listed below;

Visit the UBA bank’s social media profiles on Twitter or Facebook (click here for a link).

Send them a message (DM) after that asking for your UBA account number and including all the information (complete name, BVN, email, etc.) that was previously mentioned.

They will respond to you as soon as possible with your complete NUBAN (10-digit account number), and that is all.