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Where in San Antonio Can You Find the Best Mexican Food? Go on reading!

San Antonio has a thriving, developing cuisine scene. There are many places to eat Tex-Mex or true Mexican food in San Antonio, so you won’t have any trouble finding one. Uncertain about where to begin? In our most recent blog post, we review 17 of San Antonio’s best Mexican eateries. View it right away!

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The top 10 Mexican eateries in San Antonio are as follows:

1. Tito’s Mexican Restaurant,

2. the Mexican restaurant Acenar

3. Rosario’s Mexican Cafe Y Cantina,

4. the Mexican restaurant Fidelos

5. Paloma Blanca Mexican Food,

6. Garcia’s Mexican Food,

7. Seven. Pete’s Tako House

8. the Mexican restaurant Jacala

9. The Mexican restaurant Sartia’s

10. The Margarita Bar and Mexican Restaurant Iron Cactus

11. Mexican restaurant Los Barrios

12. Mexican Patio Cascabel

13. Tlahco Mexican Restaurant

14. La Fonda On Main

15. Mi Tierra Bakery & Cafe

16. Mexican cuisine at La Fogata

17. Los Azulejos Dining Room

Tito’s Mexican Restaurant, to start
Tito’s serves great beef fajitas, tacos, ceviche, and other dishes in addition to its famous enchiladas.

Tito’s Mexican Restaurant, which is in Downtown San Antonio, is a top spot for mouthwatering fajitas and flavorful tacos. The Rodriguez Family has been in charge of Tito’s since it opened its doors in 2003.

You can order imaginative speciality delicacies like the Hatch Burrito and Los Tacos Favoritos from the menu. At this well-known eatery, you can also have nachos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. Are you thirsty? There are numerous margarita options at Tito’s.

“I requested a plate of Jalapeno Cream Enchiladas. Wow, it tops all other enchiladas I’ve ever tasted, anyplace.I’ll return to eat here. – Review on Yelp

2. the Mexican restaurant Acenar
Stylish restaurant serving inventive and genuine Mexican food!

Visit Acenar if you want a relaxed setting where you can unwind with friends and eat some delectable meals. This well-liked Mexican restaurant is renowned for its sizable patio and varied cuisine.

Customers can arrange curbside pickup if they wish to eat in their homes. Acenar now offers provides unique family-style dinners to go. With chips, salsa, charro beans, and Mexican rice, the Fajita Dinner, Enchilada Dinner, and Taco Dinner are available all day. You can also find traditional fare like fish tacos, vegetarian enchiladas, and more on the regular evening menu.

3. In Southtown, San Antonio, there is a well-known Tex-Mex establishment called Rosario’s Mexican Cafe Y Cantina.

Rosario’s Mexican Cafe Y Cantina, which was named the Best Mexican Restaurant of 2020, is also highly ranked on our list. This crowded cafe has everything you could possibly want, whether you’re in the mood for fajitas or fish tacos.

Rosario’s features substantial lunch and dinner menus in addition to creative cocktails and delectable desserts. Rosarios is great if all you want to do is have a drink with some buddies. They offer $4 draught beers and $5 House frozen and rocks margaritas during happy hour. Rosario’s has started serving margaritas to go since the outbreak began! There are single serve and half-gallon options available.

4. the Mexican restaurant Fidelos
Relaxed restaurant in San Antonio that serves wonderful, genuine Mexican food!

We advise visiting Fidelos Mexican Restaurant if you want a relaxed setting with no frills. This undiscovered gem delivers all of your favourite traditional Mexican cuisine. You will feel full and satisfied after eating any of Fidelo’s meals, including the chilli relleno and the huevos rancheros. Fidelo’s, however, is only open until 3 o’clock. You’ll have to keep it on your restaurant bucket list under “breakfast/lunch.”

Paloma Blanca Mexican Food, No. 5
San Antonio’s lively and vibrant Mexican restaurant serves a fantastic assortment of paleo and gluten-free dishes!

The elegant décor and pleasant ambiance of Paloma Blanca Mexican Cuisine are well-known. While San Antonio restaurants were briefly closed due to the pandemic, Paloma Blanca is once again open for dining inside of their large restaurant or on the patio. There are also delivery and curbside options offered.

Regarding the food, the interior and coastal parts of Mexico serve as the inspiration for Paloma Blanca’s menu. Their most well-liked dishes are tacos al pastor, ceviche, and grilled snapper. Paloma Blanca has delicious lunch and dinner dishes in addition to a tempting weekend brunch menu.

Garcia’s Mexican Food, No. 6
A relaxed setting ideal for sharing wonderful Tex-Mex meals with loved ones!

Some of the best food in San Antonio has been available for more than 58 years at Garcia’s Mexican Food. The Carne Guisada, Brisket Plate, and Huevos Rancheros are just a few of the traditional Mexican meals that are available at this casual restaurant.

Garcia’s also offers mouthwatering speciality dishes including the Brisket Plate, Chicken Fried Steak and Verde Enchiladas. Naturally, whatsoever dish you choose, you will undoubtedly enjoy it.

7. Pete’s Tako House This enjoyable, family-run pub serves a variety of Tex-Mex and American meals.

Some of San Antonio’s freshest and tastiest Mexican cuisine can be found at Pete’s Tako House. Since 1978, Pete’s Tako House has been providing its special cuisine and fresh tortillas to the thriving city of San Antonio.

Speaking of food, Pete’s Tako House provides a variety of regional specialties. Your taste buds will be delighted by Pete’s delicacies, which range from the Mexican Burger to the Fajita Quesadillas.

8. the Mexican restaurant Jacala
Enjoy puffy tacos, enchiladas, margaritas, and more in a family-style environment!

Do you yearn for some savouries like enchiladas, burritos, and other Mexican favourites? One of the oldest family-run restaurants in San Antonio is Jacala Mexican Restaurant, so be sure to check it out! This restaurant can be perfect for you because of the lively atmosphere and wonderful staff who are passionate about cooking.

You may sample everything at Jacala Mexican Restaurant, including their famous puffy tacos, an enchilada plate, chile con queso, enchiladas verdes, fish tacos, and so much more that you’ll want to visit often. Check out the Jacala Mexican Restaurant right away!

9. The Mexican restaurant Sartia’s
Looking for some outstanding Mexican cuisine? Try out this restaurant as soon as possible!

Do you desire a restaurant menu that offers both Tex-Mex and traditional Mexican dishes? Well, you can get all of that and much more if you visit Sarita’s Mexican Restaurant! When you visit, you can expect authentic Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine as well as the knowledge that everything is produced from scratch and is home-cooked.

Try the cheese quesadillas, the crab enchilada plate, the chicken enchiladas, the huevos rancheros, the flautas, and many other dishes whenever you visit Sarita’s Mexican Restaurant. See for yourself why Sarita’s Mexican Restaurant is so popular by visiting!

10. The Margarita Bar and Mexican Restaurant Iron Cactus

Come here to enjoy a margarita and some classic Mexican food while overlooking the river!

Are you trying to find a restaurant that serves the best margaritas and Mexican food? Fear not, for the Mexican restaurant and margarita bar Iron Cactus is here to save the day! The Iron Cactus is renowned for its classic and contemporary Mexican cuisine as well as for eighty various varieties of tequila, all of which are excellent in margaritas.

Visit the Iron Cactus to sample baja fish tacos, Mexican meatloaf, tortilla soup, shrimp, brisket, chicken and other enchiladas, as well as lobster, shrimp and other tacos. When you visit the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant and Margarita Bar, choose a margarita and a Mexican entrée of your choice!

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