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swami vivekananda scholarship

The West Bengal government offers a scholarship programme called the Swami Vivekananda Merit-cum-Means Scholarship (SVMCM) to deserving students from minority communities. The scholarship aims to help students who can’t afford the cost of higher education by giving them financial support.

The West Bengal government launched the SVMCM in 2017 to mark the 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda’s birth. The scholarship bears Swami Vivekananda’s name; he was a Hindu monk and philosopher who is regarded as one of India’s most significant historical personalities.

The SVMCM is a merit-plus-means scholarship, therefore applicants must satisfy certain academic and financial requirements. Depending on the degree of education the student is applying for, different academic requirements apply. receiving instance, applicants receiving scholarships to study in undergraduate programmes must have at least a 60% average in their 10+2 exams.

Based on the family’s yearly income, the SVMCM’s financial requirements are determined. The highest annual family income allowed for the scholarship is Rs. 2,50,000.

The SVMCM is a renewable scholarship, so students may keep receiving it as long as they continue to satisfy the academic and financial requirements. The scholarship’s value varies according on the level of education the recipient is pursuing. For instance, students enrolled in undergraduate programmes are given a stipend of Rs. 1,000 every month.

For deserving students from minority groups who want to pursue higher education, the SVMCM is a fantastic opportunity. With the aid of the scholarship, students may be able to afford their tuition, books, and other costs, making it possible for them to enrol in a college or university.

On the website of the Department of Higher Education, Government of West Bengal, you may discover further information if you’re interested in applying for the SVMCM. is the website’s address.

The following are some of the main requirements for the SVMCM scholarship:

The candidate must be an Indian national.
The candidate must be a member of a minority group.
The applicant must have earned at least 60% in their 10+2 exams.
The applicant’s family’s annual income cannot be higher than Rs. 2,50,000.
The SVMCM scholarship application procedure is as follows:

The “Apply for Scholarship” link should be selected.
Complete the online application.

the necessary paperwork online.
Send in the application.
The SVMCM scholarship’s application deadline often falls in May. In the month of June, the scholarship money is credited to the student’s bank account.