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HomeShoppingwhich of these online shopping apps has recently been named blinkit?

which of these online shopping apps has recently been named blinkit?

The online grocery delivery service Grofers in India has just changed its name to Blinkit. The corporation announced the renaming on March 8, 2023, as part of a bigger initiative to switch to a fast commerce model.

A form of online grocery delivery service called “quick commerce” guarantees the prompt delivery of your items. A number of businesses are striving to dominate this developing sector, including Blinkit.

It is a huge step for the business because Grofers has changed its name to Blinkit. It symbolises the business’s new emphasis on rapid commerce and is probably going to help it draw in more clients.

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A rapid commerce business in India called Blinkit distributes food and within a few minutes or hours, additional necessities. Grofers, the name of the company when it was created in 2015, was changed to Blinkit in 2023. India’s Gurugram serves as the home base for Blinkit.

How Blinkit Functions

Customers are connected to nearby supermarkets and dark stores by Blinkit. Dark stores are warehouses solely used for the delivery of groceries ordered online. The closest dark store receives an order placed on the Blinkit app from a consumer. Within minutes or hours, the order is picked, packaged, and delivered to the consumer.

Items Purchased on Blinkit

In addition to groceries, fruits and vegetables, snacks, personal care items, and home cleaning supplies, Blinkit also sells a large range of other goods. The business also runs a number of sales and promotions.

Costs for Blinkit

The Products on Blinkit typically cost less than those at conventional brick-and-mortar stores. Additionally, the business provides a number of discounts and specials, such as free shipping on purchases over a specific amount.

Delivery via Blinkit

Within minutes or hours, Blinkit delivers goods. The business provides several shipping choices, such as scheduled delivery and fast delivery.

Invoice for Blinkit

The payment options accepted by Blinkit include credit cards, debit cards, and UPI. The business also provides a cash on delivery choice.

Blinkit customer service

Blinkit offers customer support around-the-clock. Email, phone, and live chat are the three ways to get in touch with the business.

Pros and Cons of Blinkit


quick delivery
several different goods
Affordable rates
a range of payment options
24/7 client assistance


not accessible There may be significant delivery costs everywhere.
Some items might not be available in stock

For individuals looking for an easy and economical way to buy food and other necessities, Blinkit is a fantastic choice. The business provides quick delivery, a large selection of products, and affordable costs. Blinkit isn’t offered everywhere, and delivery costs can be considerable. Blinkit is, all things considered, a dependable and trustworthy rapid commerce platform.

upcoming Blinkit plans

Blinkit intends to broaden its product offering and penetrate new markets. Additionally, the business intends to roll out new services on its platform, like augmented reality and live streaming.