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One of the most well-known websites for free Bollywood movie and TV show streaming is In this post, we explore a number of aspects of this website, such as its traffic and rankings, owner information, domain age, alternatives that are available, and our final thoughts on its importance in the online streaming market.

Traffic and Rankings on Websites

In January 2024, was ranked 3,895,155 globally. It is particularly well-known in India, where it is ranked 294,493 nationally. Recent metrics, however, show a worrying trend: traffic has decreased by 29.09% from the previous month. Remarkably, 98.59% of desktop visits come from direct traffic, with organic search making up the remaining 1.41% of visits.

Website Owner

Details about who owns what of is still unknown to the general public, lending the platform’s functioning a sense of mystery.

Domain Age

As of January 20, 2024,’s domain age is a remarkable 2 days, indicating that it was only recently established on January 17, 2024.


If Bollywood movie buffs are looking for other streaming services, they have a few choices:

A similar experience can be had at, where users can watch Bollywood films and TV series for free., which has a similar concept, positions itself as a substitute site for fans of Bollywood movies looking for free streaming choices. is a competitor in the free Bollywood streaming market, providing a wide range of films and TV series to watch for free.

In summary

Although has become a well-liked option for free Bollywood streaming, its long-term viability is called into question by recent traffic swings and its young domain age. As viewers investigate substitutes such as,, and, the competitive online Bollywood streaming market keeps changing, providing viewers with a variety of choices to satisfy their taste in movies.

In conclusion, even though is still a prominent player in the free Bollywood streaming market, its sustainability and user base may come under closer examination in light of changing traffic trends and new players in the digital entertainment market.