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In Tamil Nadu, India’s Kanyakumari District, there is a village called Muttom. It is an established fishing community with a lovely beach, some rocks, and caves. Fishing is the main line of work for most people in Muttom. Visitors are drawn to Muttom Village by its beach. Every day, more than a hundred people visit the beach to relax by the water’s edge. The best sunset viewing location in the neighbourhood is this beach. Construction on Muttom Harbour has been ongoing for the past three years, and it was anticipated that it would be finished by the end of 2014.

16 kilometres separate the town of Kanyakumari and Muttom. Thiruvananthapuram, which is around 75 kilometres distant, is home to the closest airport. The best time to travel to Muttom is in the winter (November to February), when the climate is comfortable.

The following information regarding Muttom is fascinating:

A fishing village is Muttom. Fishing is the main line of work for most people in Muttom.
The beach in Muttom is well-known. The beach is well-kept and offers a variety of services, including restrooms, changing areas, and food stands.
Rocks and caverns can be found in Muttom. Rock climbing and cave exploration are popular activities on the rocks and in the caverns.
A lot of people travel to Muttom. Visitors from all around India go to the beach, cliffs, and caves.

Muttom is a well-liked location to watch the sun set. The beach provides breathtaking views of the Bay of Bengal’s sunset.
Muttom is the ideal location if you’re seeking for a spot to unwind and take in the beauty of nature. Muttom is certain to leave you with priceless memories because to its lovely beach, breathtaking sunsets, and welcoming residents.

The following are some of the activities available in Muttom:

Enjoy the sand, surf, and sun at the beach.
Go cave exploring or rock climbing.
Experience the sunset from the water by taking a boat trip.
At the further end of the beach, visit the Muttom Lighthouse.
Sample some of the freshest seafood in the area, which is found locally.
Visit the Muttom Market to purchase local goods and souvenirs.
Unwind at one of the many coastal eateries.

Where is Muttom Beach located? What neighbourhood is Muttam in?

In Tamil Nadu, India’s Kanyakumari District, is where you’ll find Muttom Beach.

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