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what things about the book did she find strange

The name of the book. Because it implies that India earned its freedom, whereas in reality it was a drawn-out process including both cooperation and strife, some readers have considered the title odd.
Azad’s viewpoint. Because Azad was a Muslim leader and his viewpoint did not often coincide with that of other Indian leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, some readers have regarded Azad’s position to be odd.
Azad’s lack of comment on a few issues. Certain subjects, like the contribution of the Indian National Army (INA) to the independence movement, are left out of Azad’s book. Some readers have concluded from this that Azad was attempting to conceal something.
Language used by Azad. Some readers have considered Azad’s vocabulary to be unusual and at times challenging to grasp.
It is crucial to remember that these are only a few of the peculiarities that some readers have discovered in the book. The work has been praised by other readers for being intelligent and enlightening. Each reader must ultimately determine for themselves whether or not they find the book weird.

Additional information about the peculiar aspects of the book that some readers have found is provided below:

Some readers have criticised the book’s title, India Wins Freedom, for being deceptive. They contend that the process leading to India’s independence was protracted and complicated, including both collaboration and confrontation.
Some readers have also criticised Azad’s stance as a leader of Islam. They contend that Azad’s viewpoint is skewed and fails to present a fair picture of the Indian independence movement.
Some readers have also criticised Azad for remaining silent on a number of issues, including the INA’s participation in the independence movement. They claim that Azad was trying to conceal something by being silent.
Some readers have also objected to Azad’s use of language. They contend that Azad uses jargon that is unfamiliar to most readers and that his language might occasionally be difficult to follow.