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How Is Beard Hair Different from Head Hair?

Like beard oil, beard shampoo, and beard balm, you may have noticed that there are a lot of items made just for beards. Now you might be wondering why items for head hair and beard hair should be different. 

Guys start to get hair on their faces when they are teenagers, but women don’t have facial hair. Similarly, women can grow facial hair, but not as much as men do, and more so after menopause. But that’s a different story.

How Facial Hair is Different

It Goes Through Growth And Shedding Stages Faster

Head hair grows in three stages, just like facial hair, but face hair grows in a much shorter length of time. 

It’s Affected Positively By Testosterone

The hormone testosterone controls androgenic hair growth. An individual with higher testosterone levels will develop more facial hair. 

Some terminal hair follicles turn back into vellus follicles over time, which is ironic because testosterone is also the cause of middle-aged head baldness (even when there is a full, manly beard!).

The Hair is Thicker & the Skin Underneath is Less Oily

It’s a very different kind of hair that grows on guys’ faces naturally than it is on their heads or anywhere else on their bodies. When compared to hair on the head, the facial face is usually thicker, has a much coarser structure and women would need hair removal treatments to look good. 

Also, this is true for the skin under the hair. It’s possible that some shampoos will work great on your head to get rid of oil but not so well on your face because they are too rough and dry.

It Tends to be More Wiry & Curly

Additionally, there may be variations in how easily the hair and short wigs get tangled and look untidy. Beard hairs grow bigger and curlier than scalp hairs. That’s how the follicles are shaped. Androgens, like testosterone, have a bigger effect on the Follicles on the face.

The hairs inside these follicles kink because these hormones twist them. So when you wash your face, you might need a stiff brush for the beard and a soft brush for the head.

It Might Be A Different Color

Head hair and beard hair may grow in very different textures and even colors. It’s normal to get red hairs in your beard when you don’t have any red hairs on your body. Sometimes, a man in his middle years will still have all of his dark hair, but his beard will be all gray.  


Your genes and age determine how much hair you have on your face. When testosterone levels change with age, hair cells react in unique ways that cause hair to grow.

When hormones change during certain times, like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, this is certainly true.

Make an appointment to see your doctor if you are worried about hair growth that doesn’t seem normal. To check your hormone levels and give you advice, they can do blood tests and other medical tests.