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Top Fuel Credit Cards in the Market: Understanding its Benefits, Features, and Comparison

Credit cards have become an indispensable financial tool, providing users with convenience, rewards, and cashback benefits. Fuel credit cards offer exceptional advantages for those who frequently spend on fuel purchases. In India, several credit cards cater to the specific needs of motorists by offering attractive fuel offers, rewards, and discounts.

This article will help you to understand top fuel credit cards, their features, benefits, and how they compare.

Top Fuel Credit Cards in The Market



OneCard is a top fuel credit card due to its unique features and benefits. It is a sleek and stylish metal card that can be used for fuel payments from its credit card app. OneCard offers a remarkable 1% fuel surcharge waiver, making it an attractive option for daily commuters. Additionally, users can enjoy the flexibility of choosing any fuel station to avail of the cashback benefits. Apart from fuel rewards, OneCard also provides 5X reward points on the top two spendings of the month.

HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card:

HDFC Bank’s Regalia Credit Card is renowned for its luxurious benefits and comprehensive reward system. It offers fuel benefits with a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 5,000 at fuel stations across India. Besides fuel benefits, the card provides airport lounge access, exclusive dining privileges, and rewards on retail spending, making it an excellent choice for frequent travellers.

Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card:

The Standard Chartered Super Value Titanium Card is ideal for those looking to maximise their fuel savings. It offers a 5% cashback on fuel purchases, including transactions at petrol pumps worldwide. Additionally, cardholders can avail of a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on fuel transactions up to Rs. 10,000 annually. The card also extends cashback on utility bill payments and supermarket purchases.

ICICI Bank HPCL Coral Visa/Mastercard:

ICICI Bank, in partnership with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), offers the HPCL Coral Credit Card. Cardholders can avail of 2.5% cashback on fuel spent at HPCL petrol pumps and 1% on utility bill payments.

Citibank IndianOil Platinum Credit Card:

The Citibank IndianOil Platinum Credit Card is tailor-made for individuals who frequently refuel at Indian Oil Corporation outlets. Cardholders receive turbo points for fuel transactions at Indian Oil petrol pumps, which can be redeemed for fuel or other rewards. 


Many banks offer their customers excellent Fuel Credit Cards to help them maximise their fuel expenses. These cards can be a great way to save on fuel bills and utilise lifestyle benefits. Those who regularly buy fuel for travel will benefit from such a card. Long-distance travellers, adventurers, and those involved in transporting people are especially likely to find a use for it. 

Fuel credit cards help serve its purpose by cutting down costs on your fuel expenses. It is a convenient and easy way to save money and reduce travel costs thanks to its many benefits and discounts.